Technical Audit
Technical Audit

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Let us help you take a deeper look into your environment to see what improvements can be made and how much money could be saved.

This isn’t your typical “network” audit, we refer to ours as a technical audit. We look at everything from servers, desktops, access points, smart phones and their associated charges, network policies, and anything else which could be referred to as technical.

What’s in it for you?networkauditwhite

  • Diagnose your network to see how its performing and give you a performance report
  • Take a look at your backup strategy and provide alternate solutions based on your environment and budget
  • Audit security on the desktop, servers, and BYOD access
  • Take a look at  licensing within your environment
  • If you have a support Centre we will take a look at how it functions
  • If applicable we will take a look at your BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Our Analyst will typically spend 4 hours taking a look at your environment. Once our audit is complete we will take our findings away and approximately one week later present you with a report. That report will cover many different areas such as network performance (possible improvements), potential cost savings (typically our clients see at least a 10% monthly reduction in IT related costs), perhaps even work load improvement, cell phone related charges, and warranty coverage on all network hardware.

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